Current team

Sashi Kumar


 M. Sashi Kumar has been a resource person with organisations working on micro-finance, Dalit rights, communal harmony, food security and dryland agriculture. He has worked as a consultant on government programmes in Urban Services for the Poor, Tribal Welfare, Forestry, and Irrigation & Water Management. Sashi’s particular interest is Local Area Development and Cluster-Based approaches to Economic Growth. Until recently, he was Director of Satyam Foundation, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of Satyam Computers.

Tejaswini Madabhushi


Tejaswini Madabhushi is a Senior Program Manager at Yugantar. 

From 2011-2014, she worked as a coordinator of Samatha Swaraj Mitra Mandal, attempting peace-building in Central India between the government and Maoists. 

 In July 2016, Tejaswini represented Yugantar as part of the secretariat of the All India Thematic Social Forum.   

Currently, she is the project manager of a program which works with the Old city youth 

 She has a Masters in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University and a Masters in Sociology from University of Hyderabad.   

Kareem Ansari


  Kareem Ansari is one of those rare individuals from Shaheen Nagar who was able to access and complete his education.

He joined Yugantar as a youth researcher in an action based research project focusing on Muslim youth in Hyderabad. 

A skilled community activist, Kareem also worked as a placement co-ordinator at smart centers funded by Tech Mahindra Foundation. 

He also worked as a program manager on a project aimed at helping Muslim women in the old city in collaboration with Mahila Sanatkar, a co-operative society of craftswomen, located in Charminar.

 Kareem currently is actively involved with, helping people file RTI queries.

Mohd Abdul Akram


  Akram completed his M.Com in 2011 and joined Yugantar as a youth researcher. He worked as a field coordinator in a migration project  and currently he is actively involved in the Youth at Risk project with Yugantar and IDRC, working with youth in the old city. 

He is currently, the social media manager of Yugantar.

Akram is an enthusiastic team member in all the projects he has been part of. Alongside his work with Yugantar, he runs a web channel called Deccan Today News which has 5 lakh followers on facebook page. 

He is a cricket enthusiast.

Deepika Ratan


  Deepika Ratan has been a deeply committed member of the Yugantar team since 2010. She has been actively involved in various projects. She is currently working in a project which aims to prevent and rehabilitate youth at risk of criminalisation in Hyderabad.

Deepika is a graduate in Instrumentation Engineering and  has a Masters in Communication and Journalism from Osmania University. Currently, she is doing her PhD from Dept of Communication, University of Hyderabad.

Alongside her job and PhD, Deepika finds time to pursue her interests in photography, poetry and gardening, brightening up the workspace at Yugantar with an array of plants.

P. Pournami


 Since 2005, Pournami has been working in Yugantar  and she is currently the office manager. She contributed to all the projects since 2005 and is the backbone of Yugantar. 

She manages records, archives data, provides technological assistance and expenses at Yugantar.

She writes and composes her own songs and enjoys photography and art.

P.Kameswara Rao


  Kameswara Rao has been working as an administrator in Yugantar since July 2012. He has been actively involved in the project since its inception.  Kameswara Rao is a retired Assistant General Manager at the regional office of Syndicate Bank in Hyderabad City, after 37 years of exceptional service. Even after his retirement, he continued an active association with Syndicate Bank as an inquiring authority and interview panelist. He is currently a Guest Faculty who regularly takes classes at the Staff Training College of Syndicate Bank.




  Natraj is a student at Osmania University studying Mass Communication and Journalism. He has been interning with Yugantar since April 2019, producing and editing content for the media unit. He has also been involved in projects such as and in documenting Cognitive Behavioral Training program of Yugantar under the IDRC funded project with youth at risk of criminalisation.

He enjoys reading books, watching movies and is known for being astute and a smart observer. 

A. Paramesh


The youngest member of Yugantar, Paramesh is an active and enthusiastic part of the team. He is responsible for drafting RTIs and uploading the responses to the site. He has been associated with Yugantar since December 2018. He is currently pursuing his Polytechnic Diploma in the Siddhartha Institution of Technology and Sciences. 

In his spare time, he listens to music and plays caroms. 

K. Maheshwari


  Maheswari has been part of Yugantar since 2014. Her delicious cooking sustains the entire team, and at times even ensures office attendance. Her timely teas keep work flowing when energy in the office is flagging.

Maheswari’s quiet and conscientious efforts keep the office clean and functional. She is also a trained beautician and works partime at a beauty parlour. She enjoys music and art.