About Us


Yugantar is a 39 year old not-for profit organisation working on issues of equity, development and democracy. Since its inception it has been involved in pioneering work in the development sector through research, communication, advocacy and outreach activities.


Our Vision

Yugantar’s vision is to play a role in creating a just and equitable India, inclusive of plural traditions, individual freedoms and diverse communities. It engages with all aspects of the ‘policy life cycle’ in relation to problems and opportunities in its focus areas through: 

1) In-depth research which generates new perspectives and influences policy

2) Projects based on appropriate technologies and cutting-edge approaches and

3) Working directly with communities and community based organisations to explore, articulate and produce counter narratives and advocate corrective measures in the planning or developmental process


Our Work

Focusing on implementation, research and advocacy towards impacting policy, Yugantar works in the areas of Local governance and Economic Development, Democratic Citizenship and Social Justice. 

Gender, Development Communication and Innovative Technologies are the cross-cutting thematics Yugantar works with on a consistent basis. 

Our repertoire of research and advocacy, ranging from field expertise to knowledge building has generated ground breaking perspectives which have had a considerable impact on policy interventions. 

Collaborating with institutions/organisations at the local, regional, national as well as international levels, Yugantar engages in pioneering research, implementing projects, creating new knowledge, preparing policy briefs, producing audio-visual media and disseminating research outputs through dialogue and debate.