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Films as a medium can be used to provide support to a political cause, to provide a voice to the marginalized and to influence policy at the state and national level. With the advent of 'development communication' within the development sector, the use of films forayed beyond the documentary style of film-making to directly engaging in shaping policy. Whether it is the use of educational videos in classrooms or films on policy impact assessment, film as a medium got recognized as an effective tool for development.

The use of films to inform and influence policy is a pioneering achievement of Yugantar in India. The variety of applications and uses of film as a medium is continuously explored in Yugantar.

‘Jharu-Katha’ (Story of the Broom): Drawing on extensive fieldwork in remote corners of rural Rajasthan and the by-lanes of Jodhpur city, this film on the broom engages in conversation with a wide spectrum of broom -makers. Through the counterpoint of their voices, the film covers wide ground in opening the contradictory values and belief-systems of the broom. The film was made in collaboration with Arna-Jharna Museum, Rajasthan, with funding from the Ford Foundation.

'Kya Hua Iss Shehar Ko' (What has Happened to this City?): This film attempts to analyze one communal riot between Hindu's and Muslim's filmed in Hyderabad City in September 1984. It identifies the fundamentalist organizations which are responsible for the conflict. It also explores the economic deprivation, unemployment and urban decay, which provide the conditions to attract young people to these fascist organizations.

'Sudesha' by Faust Film, Munich (Part of the International 'As Women See It' series): This film is a portrait of Sudesha, a woman who is a village activist in the Chipko Forest Conservation Movement in the foothills of the Himalayas.

'Idhi Katha Matramena' (Is this just a story?): This film is a fictional reconstruction of domestic violence, seen from the woman's point of view.

'Tambakoo Chaakila Oob Ali' The film traces the history of the all women trade union of over 3000 tobacco workers in Nipani, Karnataka.

'Molkarin' (Maid Servant): The film exposes the oppressive working conditions of hundreds of maidservants in Pune and reveals how the women came together to form an organisation to fight for their rights.

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